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CIARA IVY Using The Phone Naked



CIARA IVY is a super tiny little freak who loves anal! Actually I think she prefers to get fucked in her ass. We did this little bit of photo’s before we did an anal creampie video. She is such a cute girl but so so tiny! I swear my dick is half the size of her body.

I really hope you guys enjoy Ciara because we have a ton of videos together that are going to be posted a lot along with photos!

So if you like cute tight pussy teen latinas who like anal! This is the girl for you!

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MODEL: Ciara Ivy

Ciara Ivy is an 18 year old teen tiny tiny teen latina from Colombia who loves anal and creampies! She is very shy at first but as you can see from the videos we have done she really opens up more ways than one ๐Ÿ˜œ

If you like fiesty latina babes with tattoos and their ass fucked and gaped and filled with cum you are going to love this little cutie!

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